And We’re Live

April 10, 2015

And we’re live. It took four months, tons of discussions, and planning but we finally hit publish. Away From The Keyboard is the end result of two guys talking about “What ifs” after a user group meeting. “What if we created a podcast?” There were so many great conversations, so much knowledge shared and we were greedy and kept it all to ourselves. Well, we decided to share.

The core of Away From The Keyboard is technologists sharing their stories. Stories about how they started, how they grew, how they learned, and how they unwind. These are our stories and we’re excited to be sharing them with you.

We already have some great interviews already recorded with Rachel Appel, Rachel Terman, John Sonmez, Dave Nicolas, Nik Molnar, Mike Wood and Shayne Boyer. We can’t wait for you to hear them. We’re also discussing having recap show for conferences like Build. Let us know in the comments if you would like a show like that.

Every Tuesday we’ll release an episode. So subscribe to us on iTunes and let us know in the comments or on Twitter if you’re enjoying the show or what we can improve on. We’d love your feedback.

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