The panel discusses why some people think that the technology community doesn’t exist. Dave discusses how we can improve our technical skill by creating time and killing our egos. Cecil talks how being involved in the technical community has improved his career. Richie talks about why we should have a learning plan and Dave explains why this doesn’t always work for some people. Dave tells a story of how he got a co-worker to learn code through fantasy football. Dave talks about how becoming a manager doesn’t mean you have to give up writing code. The panel discusses how to delegate. Richie tells how hard it was when he was a manager to be technical and be a manager. Dave talks about his hobbies. Dave tells us how to keep our passion for technology. Rails is slow. Cecil asks Dave what technologies/languages make him excited.

Recorded On January 29, 2015.


Brent Ozar
Jon Skeet
Andy Warren


Dave_Nicolas_BioDave Nicolas is a senior Software Architect, with an insatiable for technology. He has been developing software for over 10 years and primarily focuses on Microsoft technologies. However, he is open minded to other platforms available in the open source community. Dave is a co-founder of the dotNet Miami user group where he shares his passion with fellow developers. He currently manages the Software Development initiative at Banker’s Healthcare Group and holds a BS in Computer Science from Florida International University. He also runs a SaaS consulting firm where he and his team offer software services in the wild. You can follow Dave on Twitter at @dvee81.

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One comment on “Episode 3: Learn the Dave Nicolas Way

  1. Hey Now Richie Rump & Cecil;

    Stellar podcast; Dave was a great guest. Really enjoyed the tech talk. Thanks for the info!

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