Todd gives a quick introduction about himself. Todd talks about what he’s learned about starting a product based business. Todd emphasizes the importance of getting customer feedback early and measuring what people do with your software. Todd describes how his product, TrackJS, was created and how it helps your application track errors. The panel discusses the frustration of monitoring systems via e-mail. Todd shares his vision of what TrackJS could look like in the future. Cecil inquires about the TrackJS stack. Todd talks about moving away from Azure and onto physical hardware and the performance boost his application is seeing. Todd doesn’t really like JavaScript!

This episode was recorded on May 7th, 2015


Lean Startup


Todd_Gardner_Bio Todd H Gardner is the president and co-founder of TrackJS (, an error monitoring service for modern JavaScript applications. He also consults with companies to help develop their business and their products for the web. With over a decade of experience building software systems, Todd has built large enterprise systems, complex software products, and launched businesses. He is also at the keyboard when he should not be. He can be found on Twitter at @toddhgardner.

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2 comments on “Episode 8: Todd Gardner Tracks Your Errors

  1. The end-of-life support for IE is official:

    It’s basically the “latest” version of IE for their currently supported operating systems is all they are working on. So, if you do a lot of web browsing on Windows Server, you can keep using IE10. 🙂

    Great show guys! Very cool stuff and look forward to listening more. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for having me on the show! I had a great time 🙂
    Here is a link to the JavaScript Error talk I referenced:

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