Jonas talks about programming apps with Xamarin and starting his own user group. Cecil asks Jonas how he got his passion for technology. Jonas shares his first job experience and how he created his own business. The panel discusses what it’s like to work on a problem when your exhausted and Jonas shares how difficult it is to get a coconut. Jonas explains what an Argentine barbecue is and how the “asado” is a family tradition. The crew wraps up with the panel discussing games, soccer, and everyone’s favorite toy….Lego.


South Florida Xamarin User Group


Jonas_Stawski_BioJonas Stawski is a husband, father of three, a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), and an all around geek with over a decade of experience building and architecting .NET applications for clients of all sizes. He runs his own company that focuses on custom development for Mobile, Web, and the Cloud. Jonas is very passionate about software development and loves to write articles and speaks technical conferences. When he’s am not in front of a computer hacking away, you can find him enjoying time with my family, playing sports (specifically the real football) and games. You can find Jonas on the web at or on Twitter at @jstawski

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One comment on “Episode 17: Jonas Stawski Barbecues Software

  1. Hey Now Richie Rump;
    Great podcast. Good to hear the conversation with Jonas about tech; family & BBQ. Thanks for the info!

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