We start off with Ptah talking about living in Luxembourg and Atlanta. Cecil and Ptah talk about the early days of Flash and using the Swift tool. Richie asks about Ptah’s involvement with WordPress and how he became a WordPress contributor. Ptah discusses some of the interesting projects going on in the local WordPress community. Richie asks how the WordPress community has affected his life. Ptah starts by sharing the transitions he’s made as a WordPress developer. He then discusses speaking at various events and also working with the local WordPress community. Cecil inquires on what are the use cases for WordPress and how easy it is for beginners to customize. Ptah talks about the various plugins already built that handle concerns such as event management and online marketplaces. Ptah shares the details of his motorcycle accident, his path to recovery, and how the WordPress community stepped in to help. Richie asks about how he life has changed since. Ptah talks about the aftermath and how he’s been able to cope. Richie and Ptah talk about the merits of a good technical community.

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Ptah_Dunbar_BioPirate Dunbar is a Full Stack JavaScript Architect and Professor of Computer Science at Miami Dade College. Ptah speaks over 10 languages, teaches people how to code and is on a mission to write software that impacts a billion people within the next decade. When he isn’t traveling or contributing to open source, you’ll often find him learning about ALL THE THINGS and teaching the next generation in universities, conferences and community events. To learn more about his journey, you can follow him on twitter @ptahdunbar or piratedunbar.com.

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