Newt introduces himself and talks about his company, CareerScore, and how it originated. Newt then explains how he came from an economics and finance background and started to learn how to code. He then goes on to discuss how to find quality people and what CareerScore offers companies.Cecil then asks what is it like to work in a startup incubator. Richie then hops in an asks how CareerScore can help the job seeker. The conversation then wraps up with Newt sharing what he’s looking forward to in 2016 and what he does when he’s away from the keyboard.



Newt_Porter_HeadshotNewt is the CEO and co-founder of Careerscore, a career engagement platform helping tech professionals accelerate their careers. The spark for starting the company began while attending the University of Florida where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Economics and master’s degree in Finance. Newt is a Miami native, a data nerd, a fitness enthusiast, and a private pilot. Follow him on twitter @newtporter.

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