The conversation starts by Christina sharing her excitement about getting accepted to give her first technical presentation. The panel then discusses how they prepare for technical presentations and the emotions that go into it. Cecil then shares how he used the radio to “download” music when he was younger. Christina then shares about moving from California to Nashville and the differences between the two. Christina then shares about her involvement in the Open Source Mental Illness (OSMI) organization and her passion for the group. Christina then shares her personal story with depression and how others helped her deal with it.



Christina is a developer and community manager currently residing in Nashville, TN. Most recently, she was the Community Manager at RethinkDB and Horizon, but she has also worked at Gap Inc., Old Navy, and volunteers with OSMI: Open Sourcing Mental Illness and NASA Social. She’s super passionate about the power of community, problem solving, and in her limited free time loves to travel and make things, mostly with fabric.