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Episode 49: Daniel X Programs In An Orange Grove

Daniel starts off by introducing himself and talking about the new product he developed for Fog Creek Software, HyperDev. He then talks about how he got started in web development and how he built a... Read More
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Episode 48: David Neal’s Southern Twang

David starts us with telling us about his Southern Twang and falling involve with the city of Nashville. He talks about the music scene and playing  gigs in the area. David talks about playing in... Read More
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Episode 47: Jen Underwood’s Wild Beginnings

Jen starts off the conversation by introducing herself and explaining how she got to Florida. She further explains the circumstances behind her “$800 and a dream” move. The conversation then takes a turn towards the... Read More
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Episode 45: Mike Bluestein Scores a Goal

The episode starts with Mike talking about Hockey and how he got started playing it. The conversation then turns to the Red Sox and how winning the championship energized the Boston community. Mike then shares... Read More

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