We start off this episode by asking the question… who exactly is Kyle Simpson. Kyle talks about how he got started with making an early bet on Javascript and the making the transition to teaching. Cecil asks where did the name “Getify” come from? Kyle talks about how he started his Getify company, which then turned into becoming his own persona. We then into a discuss into Kyle’s history of web development and why he decided to make a bet on JavaScript.

Cecil asks Kyle why doesn’t he consider himself to be a “master”. We then get into a discussion inclusion in the development community and how some terminology can act as a deterrent. Kyle then shares with us his views of diversity in the technology industry today.

We end off the show with Kyle talking about some of his favorite things to do and also about Texas BBQ!!



Kyle_Simpson_BioKyle Simpson is an evangelist of the open web. He’s passionate about all things JavaScript, writes books, teaches JavaScript, speaks, and contributes to the world of OSS.

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