Newt introduces himself and talks about his company, CareerScore, and how it originated. Newt then explains how he came from an economics and finance background and started to learn how to code. He then goes on to discuss how to find quality people and what CareerScore offers companies.Cecil then asks what is it like to work in a startup incubator. Richie then hops in an asks how CareerScore can help the job seeker. The conversation then wraps up with Newt sharing what he’s looking forward to in 2016 and what he does when he’s away from the keyboard.



Newt_Porter_HeadshotNewt is the CEO and co-founder of Careerscore, a career engagement platform helping tech professionals accelerate their careers. The spark for starting the company began while attending the University of Florida where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Economics and master’s degree in Finance. Newt is a Miami native, a data nerd, a fitness enthusiast, and a private pilot. Follow him on twitter @newtporter.

In typical AFTK fashion, we start us with asking Aaron where his passion for technology came form. Aaron tells us how his father got into software development and also how his father got him into writing software. He goes on to share a story from the Engineering Department of Vanderbilt University. Aaron also tells us about his first business at 9 years old.

Cecil asks how MarkedUP came about. Aaron tells us how he went from working at Microsoft as an Evangelist to venturing into his first startup. He shared with us how he was able to leverage his contacts and work with investing to get funding for his company.

Aaron talks about the decline of the Windows Desktop application market and having to shutdown MarketUP. Cecil asks Aaron about the lessons he’s learned through this experience. Aaron describes it as his PhD in Engineering along with an MBA at the same time. Moving on, we get into a discussion about explicit communication and asynchronous workflows for software teams. Aaron then talks to us about Petabridge and the need for an Actor Model implementation in .NET.



Aaron_Stannard_BioAaron is the founder and CEO of Petabridge, and the co-founder of the Akka.NET open-source project. Prior to Petabridge, Aaron founded MarkedUp Analytics, a real-time in-app marketing and analytics service used by 1000+ developers. Prior to that he worked at Microsoft as a Startup Developer Evangelist.

While we were at the Podcast Movement conference last year we had the opportunity to record in the Buzzsprout recording booth. The limited time that we had was a perfect opportunity to record another Extra episode. In this episode we discuss our favorite mobile apps. Enjoy.

Cecil’s Top Picks

apps_airbnb Airbnb
apps_flipboard Flipboard
apps_shazam  Shazam

Richie’s Top Picks

apps_starwalk2  Star Walk 2
apps_glympse  Glympse
apps_tripit TripIt

Cecil’s Honorable Mentions

apps_feedly Feedly

Richie’s Honorable Mentions

apps_lastpass LastPass
apps_authenticator Google Authenticator