We start of this episode with Frank giving us some background on early days learning programming on an Apple II and the BASIC programming language. Frank also tells us about some of the books he dug into. We then get into talking about the first app that Frank wrote and also some insight into this Calca app. Frank goes into starting a company and moving to India to work on a project. Cecil asks Frank about how he put together his plan for writing his own apps for a living. Frank tells us about struggle to profitability. Cecil asks Frank to talk to us about his latest app, Continuous.



frank_krueger_bioFrank is an independent mobile developer living in Seattle, WA. He started work as an embedded systems engineer, moved on to be a web developer, and eventually found happiness as an iOS developer. He has written iCircuit, Calca, and Continuous. All the while, Frank has enjoyed releasing open source projects and contributing as much as he can to the software development community. His programming interests include computer graphics, simulation, programming languages, and artificial intelligence. When he’s not at his computer, you can usually find him hiking around some mountain or sleeping in a tent by a river.

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