Aimee introduces herself and talks about her life as a figure skater. She then shares how she transitioned from athletics to software engineering. She describes her time at the Nashville Software School. The group has a conversation about mentors and how Aimee not only is being mentored but also mentors others. The panel has a discussion about her presentation for Angular Connect and what her preparation was like.



Aimee_Knight_BioAimee Knight is a former figure skater, and software engineer at SparkPost. Outside of work, she’s a weekly panelist on the JavaScript Jabber and Angular Air podcasts, and co-organizer of CharmCityJS. In her spare time, she’s usually playing with a new library or technology, running along the Baltimore harbor, or trying out the latest flavor of Kombucha. Find her, and her contagious enthusiasm on Twitter @Aimee_Knight!


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One comment on “Episode 28: Aimee Knight’s Journey From Figure Skater to Software Engineer

  1. Hey Now Richie Rump & Cecil;;

    Great podcast with Aimee Knight. She had some good stories about how she went to study & learn coding. Also I liked to hear about Angular Connect. Thanks for the info!

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