The conversation begins with Jo introducing himself and explaining how he got started with mobile apps. Jo then talks about his app biggest success, Ugly Meter. Cecil then asks Jo how he handled the success of Ugly Meter and what was some of the downsides to having 30 million downloads. The conversation then turns to Jo’s current company, SwingDev. Jo talks about the genesis of the company and some of the characteristics that makes SwingDev so special.



Jo Overline, CEO of Swing Development, has been a successful iOS app creator for over ten years. He’s built over 30 apps in various categories, and over 30 million downloads under his belt holding the #1 spot in 94 countries.

The “Ugly Meter” app was one of his most successful – it even landed him spots on the Howard Stern show on four separate occasions.

Jo’s expertise lies not only in technology and development, but in the business aspects of being an independent tech entrepreneur. Since his days as an iOS consultant, he moved on to found SwingDev, which specializes in web and mobile app development for individuals and companies ranging from startups to the Fortune 500.

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