The group discusses the perception of Microsoft over the years and how it’s changed recently. The panel discusses their history with jQuery. Rey talks about the pitfalls of using libraries without understanding the underlying language. Richie asks Rey how he became so passionate about developer adv..advoc..advocacy. Rey explains the difference between evangelism and advocacy. Rey talks about how he keeps a high level of professionalism in a world where social media is everywhere. Rey tells a story of how he was booed on stage because he was representing Microsoft. Cecil asks Rey what are the more interesting developer communities that he’s visited. Richie asks how communities can be less argumentative. Rey talks about his love for diving and how he got certified.


Mozilla Foundation
Microsoft Edge Browser
Charles Petzold – When Worlds Collide
Underwater Unlimited
Pompano Dive Center


Rey BangoRey is a lover of the web and an advocate for web standards. At Microsoft, he’s focused on helping developers build awesome cross-browser experiences and being a feedback conduit for the community. He’s privileged to be an original member of the jQuery Project Team.

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One comment on “Episode 9: Rey Bango Fights For The Developers

  1. Hey Now richie Rump; Another good podcast. Ray Bango was a good guest with some interesting technology topics such as the jQuery & Chile stories. Thanks for the info!

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