David explains how he got involved with technology. The then tells of the difficulties he had transitioning from Canadian to the American culture. David then shares how Stack Overflow hires its developers and how only one in two hundred fifty applicants get hired. David also explains the difficulties that Stack Overflow has had to become more diverse. David explains how Stack Overflow changed the way they wrote job postings to encourage more women applicants. David then discusses his home brewing setup. Cecil then asks David what are the different kinds of beers? David then shares his experience with brewing his own beers and how it doesn’t always turn out the way you expect.


Diversity Is Really Freaking Hard – HaneyCodes
Why Stack Overflow is a Good Workplace for Women


David_Haney_BioDavid Haney is the Core team Engineering Manager at Stack Overflow. He practices servant leadership by solving problems and improving processes. Previously he was a lead developer on Fanatics’ e-commerce platform which hosts over 10,000 websites including the NFLShop – The Official Online Shop of the NFL and NBAStore.com – The Official NBA Store. David is the creator of Dache, an open source distributed caching framework. His spare time is spent brewing and drinking beer, playing video games, and watching movies at old-school one-screen theatres with his wife.

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One comment on “Episode 24: David Haney Brews Diversity at Stack Overflow

  1. Hey all, thanks again for talking with me. I wanted to clarify one important part of the podcast:

    I talked about Roberta, who is one of our newer hires. I incorrectly stated that she’s fresh out of school. In reality, she had 7 years of experience at the time that she was hired. I was misinformed about her experience. Whoops!


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