Micheal tell us the story of how he and Slava met at college. Cecil asks how they got into open source database space. Micheal and Slava talks their mission to improve the usability of infrastructure software. Cecil asks why they decided to build RethinkDB and what problems it specifically tried to solve. Slava talks about the rise in event driven frameworks and the lack of databases in that space.

Cecil asks about building a company on an open source database. Michael shares how it has been advantages for them to build their product in the open on Github. Micheal continues on to talk how community is an important aspect to open source. Michael shares how important it is for their company to interact with the users. Michael and Slava both share stories about their involvement in open source before working on Rethinkdb. We then discuss on hardware thinking and handmade craft. Cecil then asks about startup culture and how does it compare to Silicon Valley the show.


Slava Blog
RethinkDB Slack
Silicon Valley HBO
Coupa Caffe
DIY Electron Microscope



Slava Akhmechet was a systems engineer in the financial industry, working on scaling custom database systems. Slava is a frequent speaker and a blogger. He blogs about his interests in open source, developer tools, building delightful user experiences, and distributed systems on defmacro.org. He is currently on leave from a Ph.D. program in Computational Neuroscience at Stony Brook University.



Mike_BioMichael Glukhovsky is passionate about user experience and building infrastructure software. Prior to RethinkDB, Michael attended Stony Brook University and specialized in human-computer interaction.

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One comment on “Episode 25: Michael Glukhovsky and Slava Akhmechet Rethink DBs

  1. Hey Now Richie Rump & Cecil;
    Great podcast; nice to hear Michael Glukhovsky & Slava Akhmechet talk about startups and open source. Thanks for the info!

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