Cecil and David talk about the amount of information on the internet and how we need to find better ways to filter information. David discusses how he feels how some social apps are creating a generation of vanity. The panel discusses the difficulty of remote work and the need for personal human interaction. Richie asks David how was the transition from developer to manager. Richie shares how he went from developer to manager then from manager to developer again. David shares how being a manager is emotional work and it’s something you can’t just leave at work. David shares how he’s taken up golf and explains his love of the movie going experience.


David_Haney_BioDavid Haney is the Core team Engineering Manager at Stack Overflow. He practices servant leadership by solving problems and improving processes. Previously he was a lead developer on Fanatics’ e-commerce platform which hosts over 10,000 websites including the NFLShop – The Official Online Shop of the NFL and NBAStore.com – The Official NBA Store. David is the creator of Dache, an open source distributed caching framework. His spare time is spent brewing and drinking beer, playing video games, and watching movies at old-school one-screen theatres with his wife.

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One comment on “Episode 26: Deep Thoughts with David Haney

  1. Hey Now Richie Rump & Cecil;

    Good podcast. Interesting to hear David Haney’s stories. He sure sounds like he grately dislikes how many young people use phones and social media. I like to hear how he compared coding and then becoming a manager. Stack Overflow sure is the best; it was kinda neat to hear a bit about that great company. Thanks for the info!

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