Devin tells a story about how some Microsoft offices block Azure. Cecil brings up how the cloud scares some IT staff. Devin talks about embracing the opportunity to learn PowerShell. Devin further discusses his role as a trainer and how he leverages Azure virtual machines for his students. Cecil asks how does one choose what to focus on. Richie shares how we use Power BI for analyze the metrics for the podcast. Devin tells us the story of how he went from working at Blockbuster Video to learning SQL Server. Devin shares an interesting story on how his brother didn’t hire him. Devin tells us about the Pragmatics Works Foundation that helps military veterans to find work in technology.


Power BI
Pragmatics Works Foundation


Devin_Knight_BioDevin Knight a Microsoft MVP and the Training Director at Pragmatic Works Consulting. He is an author of six SQL Server books and speaks at conferences like PASS Summit, PASS Business Analytics Conference, SQL Saturdays and Code Camps. He is also a contributing member to the PASS Business Intelligence Virtual Chapter. Making his home in Jacksonville, FL, Devin is the Vice President of the local users group (JSSUG). He can be found online at and on twitter at @knight_devin

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One comment on “Episode 23: Devin Knight Powers BI

  1. Hey Now Richie Rump & Cecil;
    Great podcast; nice to hear Devin Knight speak about BI. Interesting to hear how he started out; with Blockbuster & his story with his brother. Thanks for the info!

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