In this episode, we talk to Zack Burt about his life as a Software Development Consultant. We start off with Zack telling how he got started with technology in 4th grade. He tells us how he got started building Facebook apps and a chat application called Compassion Pit. Zack then shares with the struggles he went through early on trying to get a job as a software developer. We then get into a discussion about how developers are vetted out today. Zack goes on to walk to us about ways developers can stand out from the pack. Then we discuss our experiences with LinkedIn and how effective it is. Zack also shares with us various ways that we can generate new client leads.



Zack Burt was born in Palo Alto, California in 1987. He began programming (with QBASIC) at age nine and immediately found a passion. Since 2003, he has been working in Silicon Valley and New York City in individual contributor and leadership roles. In 2007, he launched his software consultancy business after his PHP application “Lamefactor” was acquired by WikiYou, Inc. He is passionate about open source, both in submitting pull requests and launching open source projects. He currently lives in Manhattan where he enjoys playing basketball and meeting new and diverse people; he encourages you to email him if you’d like to meet.

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One comment on “Episode 62: Breaking Into Consulting With Zack Burt

  1. Good information in this podcast. Just what I was looking for. The advice is relevant and seems to be thing you should consider yourself, but don’t. Thanks guys.

    Comment related to audio… when Cecil speaks I feel like I’m listening to EF Hutton… remember the commercial where everyone is leaning in to hear what’s being said… give Cecil’s mic a little more volume. I want to hear what he’s saying.

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