In this episode, we get to chat with freelance Software Developer and educator, Victor Moreno. We start off the show with Victor telling us how influential his father was in encouraging his interest in computing. Victor also gives us the background story that lead to him becoming involved in education. We then get into an interesting discussion about his initial experiences being a teacher. Victor shares with us how he tries to maintain a balance of academic and engaging material with his students. We talk about the importance of having a support community, and also discuss what can the technical community do to help foster technical education especially for newcomers.



Victor Moreno has been working with web technologies since before CSS was invented. With 8 years of professional experience, he’s worked as a Python developer, ReactJS developer, and also has experience in managing corporate IT infrastructures in a VMWare/Windows Server environment. Victor is not only an AngularJS and ReactJS enthusiast but also an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Certified Developer, and a developer on Victor‘s background in entrepreneurship makes him a programmer with an uniquely pragmatic perspective, concerned with delivering business value first and foremost. He’s very adept at cutting through hype and his software practice focuses on agility and value over buzz. Victor is involved with two early stage startups and is currently the academic director of a coding boot camp named TechLaunch.

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