Cecil asks Nik what’s he been up to since the last time we had him on the show. Nik starts off with telling us about he first few months at Microsoft. We get into discussing Glimpse and how it’s now being sponsored by Microsoft. Cecil asks what it’s been like making a living off of his open source project, Glimpse. Nik tells us the backstory of how he got to where it is today. We go on to talk about the state of open source in the enterprise and how developers can get involved. Nik tells us about his experience adopting his daughter and how his life has changed. We end off the show with Nik telling us about his new projects for 2016.


Glimpse GitHub
Lake Bill
Impostor syndrome
Up for grabs


Nik_Molnar_BioNik Molnar is a Program Manager on Microsoft’s Cross Platform and Open Tooling team and co-founder of Glimpse, an open source diagnostics and debugging tool. Living in Austin Texas, Nik specializes in web performance, debugging and development. In his spare time, Nik can be found cooking up a storm in the kitchen, hanging with his wife, speaking at conferences, and working on other open source projects.

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