Santosh gets things started and explains how he got into technology after getting his electrical engineering degree in India. He then explains how he moved to the US to attend college and the difficulties in the transition. Cecil asks Santosh about the kinds of food one can expect in Mumbai. Santosh talks about his role as Director of Software at Spectrum Bridge and how he grew into the role. He then shares on how he got involved with the OneTug user group and how he facilitates the creation of software for the group.



Santosh_Hari_BioSantosh is a software entrepreneur with experience building products on the .NET platform since 2002 and over 15 years in the software industry. Before 2000, his claim to fame was working on projects that saved the world from the Y2K disasters.

Santosh currently works for Spectrum Bridge, a wireless startup, where he leverages his software skills to help build high quality, affordable wireless broadband to the developing world. He also dons the volunteer cape and helps the Orlando .Net User Group (ONETUG) organize meetups and Orlando Code Camp. After hours, he helps out at Sand Dollar Technology, a joint tech venture with his wife.

Santosh is a public speaker in the areas of geospatial data and Azure. He has given talks at meetups, code camps, barcamps and also at Ignite Tampa Bay in 2013. When not working on software projects, Santosh loves playing tennis, rescuing animals and rooting for his favorite sports team, the Florida State Seminoles.

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One comment on “Episode 39: Santosh Hari Directs Transitions

  1. Really enjoyed hearing Santosh’s progression toward a career in software development. Would be interested in learning more about the specifics of his job. Thanks for this podcast on computer geeks!

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